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Michael B Schwartz and Ruby

It all started when I was about 5 years old.

We lived in an apartment right next to the very first coed dormitory in the country, Keep Coop, at Oberlin College. I would go over there and bug the "old people." Someone told me, "If you can stand at the top of the stairs and then fall and tumble down the stairs while keeping your body very stiff, you can become a stunt man in Hollywood!" So, that's what I did! I did it a lot. And it hurt and I got headaches! But the bug had bitten and I kept waiting for Hollywood to get in contact with me.

Well, they didn't. So when I grew up, I headed out there myself. I no longer wanted to be a stuntman, but I did get involved in many different ways! And after all, was said and done, I made my mark as a Video Editor and Sound Effects designer.

Of course, I also learned a lot more on that journey. And here I am today! And I was willing to throw myself down a flight of stairs to get here.

Please check out my portfolio pages for more detailed information regarding my skills and experience. 

Thank you for your interest!


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