Michael B Schwartz
(formerly ambrosiadigitalmedia)
Digital Media Manager and Editor. Video. Audio. Images.

What Can I Do For You?
Collaborative, driven, enthusiastic leader with extensive experience managing video and audio production teams, both internal and external. Effective at communicating ideas between group leaders, management and editors, and finding ways to streamline the process.  Experience working with several entertainment, marketing and educational studios. Enthusiastic with training teams to create engaging video content and maintaining a cohesive look and feel for the company’s brand.
Michael Schwartz is recognized as one of the top audio engineers in the nation, though he is too humble to admit it, and he adds to this an excellence in audio-video production, lighting, cinematography, and editing. He is the complete package, recently having added web design to his skills. He always works diligently and efficiently to produce quality products. He’s a pleasure to work with.
Nathan Kositsky
Author and President, Kositsky Marketing
I worked directly with Michael and found him to be professional and highly skilled. Michael created the sounds and managed the audio production for some of Activision’s top selling titles, including The Return To Zork. Michael was a pleasure to work with. He has my highest recommendation.
William Volk
Director of Research, Human Health
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