Michael b schwartz
(Formerly ambrosiadigitalmedia)
Digital Media Manager
Editor.   Video.   Audio.   Images.

What Can I Do For You?
If you need video editing, I’m your guy!

Audio editing, sweetening, mixing music, voice and sound effects? I’m your guy!

Do you need some expert Adobe Photoshopping, picture restoration, layers upon layers of images combined? Or maybe logos and text vectorized using Adobe Illustrator? I’m your guy!

Don’t hesitate. I’m a very detail oriented, fast, highly experienced Digital Media Editor. 

Just fill out the contact form below!

Video Editing

Over 30 years of experience editing video for the corporate and educational markets.



Expertise in Photoshop and Illustrator.   Images and vector graphics for your business.

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Graphic Design

Sound Editing & FX

Extensive experience designing Sound FX for Computer Games & audio sweetening.

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